Water Heater Installation in Charlotte

If you've ever visited a country where hot water isn't a given, you appreciate having hot water at home. Most of the time, we take hot water for granted. We only notice the hot water heater when there's a problem.

Warning Signs

Water heater problems have several warning signs. Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Water pooling on the floor under the unit, or a wet carpet in the next room.
  • Unusually high water bills without any obvious cause? Could be a water heater leak.
  • Hot water takes forever to start, or it never comes at all.
  • A gas unit constantly needs relighting.

If you experience any of these problems, call a plumber to evaluate, repair or provide you with water heater installation in Charlotte.


Poorly maintained water heaters can and do malfunction. Carbon monoxide can enter the home if a gas model water heater has a gas leak. Damaged wiring is not only a fire hazard; electric shock is also a concern. During an annual water heater maintenance, a plumber will identify and correct problems while they are still small. That's a lot safer than waiting for a major problem before calling for help.

Replacement Installation

Like all things, water heaters do eventually wear out. Sometimes, the best fix is a water heater replacement. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to talk to the company most trusted for water heater installation in Charlotte. We'll evaluate your water usage and recommend the right size and model to meet your needs.

Whether it's repairs, annual maintenance, or complete replacement, the plumbing professionals at Benjamin Franklin are ready to help. We've been trusted to work on and conduct water heater installation in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, and we'll take care of you, too. Don't wait for a problem to get bigger. Call (704) 461-1700 to set up an appointment today, or use the "schedule Service" contact form to the right.